Nino Katamadze

26 May 2019, Sun. 19:00
October Palace Kyiv, Alley Named After the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred, 1
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from 10.61 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to the concert of Nino Katamadze?

1. The performance of the great singer, whose music loved the whole world.
2. An evening in the magical atmosphere of unsurpassed melodies and the most beautiful improvisations.
3. The opportunity to live to enjoy your favorite hits of the Georgian performer.

Nino Katamadze in the October Palace!

She is called the most atmospheric singer generation. After all, when she appears on the scene - the hall silently rises. Born in a musical family, she carries her love for the world in a song.

In Georgia, she was twice named the best singer of the year, and the music was recognized as the most original. Her songs became soundtracks for famous films (Indie, Apples, Brownie, Orange Sky, Road to the Savior, Mermaid, Heat, Love with Accent, Borderless). Nino Katamadze became the owner of a special prize "Odzel" for her contribution to music.

“Why is it important to be not a performer, but a musician? You always need to know where people need you. Music is not practical work. This is a line that always goes along with the life of a musician. And I consider myself, first of all, a musician than a singer, because I consider the voice to be only one of many instruments, ”says the performer.

Due to her eclectic performance genre and extraordinary improvisations, Nino Katamadze drew the attention of foreign public. Behind her shoulders are unique concerts in Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, France, England, USA, Turkey, Israel.

Nino performs songs in Georgian, but regardless of his city and nationality, each of the listeners understands it. After all, the words in them are only a metaphysical shell, the divine - in the melody itself.