25 October 2019, Fri. 19:00
ICCA OCTOBER PALACE Kyiv, aleya Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni, 1
from 14.00 EUR
from 14.00 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to the ONUKA concert, accompanied by NAONI?

1. Listen live, best live album of the year MOZAЇKA, version APrize 2019.
2. An interactive concert featuring 50 musicians and more than 40 national instruments.
3. Deep and penetrating sound of hits and new songs.

The album MOZAЇKA is like a whole canvas, which is made up of hundreds of small pieces and fragments.

The inspiring VSESVIT, the piercing and sensual STRUM, the inflammatory ANIMAL, the socially important GOLOS and the GUNS DO NOT SHOOT. All of these songs have already been studied by the band's fans by heart.

This record is a centuries-long history of music. The intersection of the innovations of the present and the musical traditions of the past. And the point of this intersection in the autumn - the October Palace.

For the first time in Kiev. New ONUKA show based on the second album MOZAЇKA (2018), accompanied by the National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Ukraine (NAONI). More than 50 musicians on stage and more than 40 national instruments. Among them: bandura, cymbals, kobza, bass, lira, calf, goat bull, antimony, bull, floyar, duda, dramba, rubell, beresta.

MOZAЇKA by ONUKA & NAONI is an interactive project in which music, video and messaging form a single entity. Conceptually-completed message is scalable to perform with a whole orchestra in a unique atmosphere of the Palace. A long-awaited show from one of the most interesting projects of contemporary Ukrainian music, already known in many countries of the world. New History of ONUKA. October 25th. Kyiv.