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ONUKA - photo #1 ONUKA
ONUKA - photo #2 ONUKA афіша
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ONUKA is a Ukrainian joint project of ex-vocalist Tomato Jaws Nata Zhizhchenko and electronic musician Yevgen Filatov (frontman of The Maneken).

The peculiarity of the team is in the national folk motives and tools. Sopilka, bandura, cymbals, trombone, trembita, horn and Cossack trumpet - in their performances, musicians refer to many ancient instruments.


ONUKA`s music can be described as an organic mix of electronics, relevant pop music and Ukrainian ethnicity. The band's first single “Look” was released in 2013. Since then, the discography has been replenished with the studio album Onuka (2014) and the 5-track EP Vidlik (2016). The main composition of the latter one has topped iTunes electronic charts in the UK, Australia, France, Germany and other countries!

While listening to the songs of the special band, you realize: each song is a message, a certain personal story. The experiences and feelings that artists openly share with the public.


To get to the ONUKA concert is like teleporting into space, feeling the vibrations of sound, light and your favorite tunes. Here the atmosphere of complete separation from the Earth reigns, collected from the smallest fragments and details.

Do you want to check out the hits that have become famous not only in Ukraine but also in Europe? Do you want to come to the loud premiere of tracks from the new album? Easy! Unforgettable improvisation - attached.

You can watch the poster of ONUKA singer’s performances and buy tickets on Concert.ua. Here are the dates of upcoming and future performances in Kyiv and regions of Ukraine. And also, the address of the venue, the location scheme of seats in the halls, the cost and a concise description of each show of an authentic project.

Victories and nominations in top Ukrainian and foreign awards, performance at Sziget, performance in the final of the Eurovision song contest 2017 as invited artists, full-time recital concerts and the coolest live shows with the National Academic Folk Instruments Orchestra (NAONI) - ONUKA is able to surprise its fans.

Hurry up to buy tickets for a concert in your city! Sold-out is a familiar thing.

See you at ONUKA show!