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The Unsleeping. Big solo concert

11 December 2022, Sun. 18:00
Bel etage Kyiv, st. Shota Rustaveli, 16A
from 9.56 EUR
from 9.56 EUR
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About event

The Unsleeping. Big solo concert in Kyiv is possible thanks to The Armed Forces of Ukraine! Don`t miss 2022-12-11 в 18:00 on the Bel etage, Kyiv.
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For the first time in a long time, the band The Unsleeping returns to the stage in the format of a solo performance!
On December 11, 2022, the virtuosos of Pop Olympus (that's what the band calls themselves) will play tracks we all know at Bel Etage and promise to completely shatter all previous ideas about their concerts.

"Our new tracks, like our new music, are actually not new at all. This path began before a full-scale invasion. If earlier it was a search for sincerity, a search for time for this sincerity, hard work to ensure that the sound conveys what we live, now there is no need for this, it is rather a fixation, everything is on the surface. And hatred and love and tenderness and a brutal urge to tear off the enemy's limb. The new songs are not something ingenious or innovative, we just want to invite the listener to live with us, to walk harder to our tracks. Relax in sad peace or grow strong in your hatred. The new tracks are a reflection on indescribably terrible events that would never have happened if it weren't for the biting dirt from under the nails called Russia."

The Unsleeping is five kindred spirits, three of which are from Uman, one from Kyiv, and the fifth is from an unknown source. Zheka, the leader of the band, combines his love for anime and the ability to be a respectable person. Ivan is as good as Dr. House in medical skills, and can play any Steve Vai riff with his feet. Everyone calls Sasha a dog, because of his love for sticks and the ability to be a true friend. Nazar - makes a rampage with closed eyes, understands the art no worse than Simon Cheng, the sex symbol of the group, they say he played in the NBA (where did such gossip come from). Leva is the unspoken leader of Unsleeping, including all of the above in a silent wrapper.

The organizers of kontrabass.promo are not responsible for slam injuries, tears of happiness and the consequences of emotional volcanoes.

December 11, 2022


Kyiv, Bel Etage club