27 September 2018, Thu. 19:00
National Opera of Ukraine Kyiv, Volodymyrska Street, 50
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Why go to the ballet "Giselle"?

1. Inspire by the subtle skill of the stars of the world stage.
2. To visit the ballet, to put in the honor of all the major theaters of the world.
3. Spend a beautiful spring evening in an atmosphere of high creativity.

The masterpiece of the world classics - the world-famous ballet "Giselle" performed by stars of the world ballet!

On September 27, at the stage of the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Taras Shevchenko, true wizards will be gathered to give you a vivid creature of the French ballet theater - "Giselle", which became the top of the romantic ballet!

The main parties will perform the stars of the world scene!

Albert - the premier of the National Ballet of the Netherlands Arthur Shesterikov , whose talent allowed him only three years to go from the dancer of the corps de ballet to the leading soloist of the troupe. In 2016, Arthur was awarded one of the most prestigious awards in the Netherlands - the prize of Alexander Radius for outstanding achievements. Also, for several years, he was awarded with the magazine "Dance Europe" for the bright performance of the main parties in both classical and neoclassical performances.

Arthur's great repertoire includes practically all leading classical bands, as well as staging of such choreographers as George Balanchine, William Forsyth, Benjamin Millpeier. Significantly enriched with his creative handwriting, collaboration with masters such as Hans van Manen, John Neumayer, Krzysztof Pastor, Christopher Wildon, Alexei Ratmansky, Natalia Makarova, Peter Wright, Diana Vishnyova (as a partner) and others.

Giselle - Honored Artist of Ukraine, winner of international competitions - incomparable Natalia Matsak . Natalia speaks in the best halls of France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, America, China, Korea, India and others. Her craftsmanship is recognized by the legends of the ballet scene: O. Lepeshinskaya, Y. Grigorovich, N. Makarova. The striking personality of Natalia Matsak on the stage fascinates at first sight - a combination of usually unbreakable: the spontaneity of thoughtful, bizarre gesture (sometimes makes a light eccentric in the drawing of classical dance), the deep temperament and the frivolous ease of sharpened steps and pirouens.

Giselle - love that is stronger than death. The fantastic emotional color of the ballet "Gisel" makes it incredibly difficult for the artist, emphasizing the maturity and depth of his inner world. It contains all the themes characteristic of romanticism: passion, discourteousness, revenge and love, which overcomes death. The ballet is based on the charming, melodic score of Adana, in which music emphasizes and highlights what is happening on the stage.

The ballet "Giselle" is unique in its kind. In the center of the play - a story about the great and incredibly beautiful soul of a peasant girl who opposes the selfish aristocrat. Only later the main idea is changing, and revenge comes to the fore. At the same time, the musical text of the ballet can not be called simply an accompaniment to dance. It is markedly distinguished by its spirituality and character. All characters of heroes have received a very subtle embodiment in the romantic ballet dance. In addition, the extremely rich content of the play, a wonderful idea and vivid images allowed her to become one of the most famous and beloved ballets for over 170 years.

We invite you to enjoy one of the best ballet productions of "Gisel" in a magnificent performance of true masters of ballet art! September 27, National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Taras Shevchenko! Do not miss

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