Academy of laughter

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Premiere Academy of Laughter

Comedy in one action.

Duration 1 hour 20 minutes.

Director - Mikhail Reznikovich
Space Organization - Gleb Suryaga, Pavel Tekuchev
Costumes - Elena Drobnaya
Musical Solution - Alla Muravskaya
Assistant Director - Michael Geykrayter

There are two characters in the play - Censor and Author. The censor makes his comments, the author edits his text. And far from always these corrections are to the detriment of the dramatic material under consideration. Overcoming difficulties, the author’s fantasy is seething! And some ideas from the Censor in general from the category of "deliberately can not imagine." In addition to “work” on a comedy play, they conduct quite everyday conversations. And, since almost a week every day they “work” shoulder to shoulder, their characters are revealed. The annoyingly responsible Censor (“I don’t have a sense of humor at all”) and obsequious, ready to do everything, if only the play was accepted, Author. The humility of the playwright is a way to combat censorship, all the nit-picking of the play turns into jokes, and the Censor (deprived of a sense of humor!) Oddly enough becomes a co-author of these jokes ... BUT how does the attitude of the Censor towards the Author and the Author change, and to his comedy, and to the theater in general ... And the text of the play can be disassembled into quotes! Art changes people; laughter heals. And, as you know, in laughter, as in dispute, truth is born.

Actors and performers:
CENSOR, Security Officer - Gleb Suryaga
AUTHOR, playwright - Pavel Tekuchev

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Academy of laughter

14 July 2020 19:30

Kyiv, Lesia Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama

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