Hedda Gabler

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The play "Hedda Gabler" in Kyiv. Zoloti Vorota Teatr in Kyiv presents a dramatic production of Hedda Gabler.

Why is it worth going to the play "Hedda Gabler" in Kyiv?

1. One of the most striking examples of European classics.
2. Strong emotions that “hold” the viewer throughout the performance.
3. Stunning actors whose talent leaves no one indifferent.

The performance "Hedda Gabler" in Kyiv

We invite you to the Zoloti Vorota Teatr for the production of Hedda Gabler based on the play of the same name by Henrik Ibsen. Vivid images, a complex drama plot and a brilliant acting game will fill your evening with strong impressions.

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On the stage of the Zoloti Vorota Teatr – a drama by Henrik Ibsen "Hedda Gabler"

The main character of the play – Hedda – is married to her unloved Tesman. And, as it sometimes happens, the woman breaks into the past: after many years, she again meets the successful scientist Eulert. And now the adult game begins, in which there is everything: passion and lies, intrigue and revelations... and – the pleasure of controlling someone else's fate.

The most interesting image of Hedda, who seeks to remain faithful to her ideals and cannot reconcile with a distorted picture of reality.

Posted by Henryk Ibsen.
Director – Olena Shchurska.
Actors – Iryna Tkachenko, Orest Pastukh, Dmytro Oliinyk, Anton Solovei, Inna Skoryna-Kalaba, Anastasiia Babii, Liliia Tsvelikova, Daria Tverdokhlib.

The duration of the performance is 2 hours 15 minutes, with intermission.

For an audience of 14+.

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