Gadda Gabler

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Why is it worth going for the "Gadda Gabler"?

1. Find out what's common in the charming Gedda and the ancient messianic Medea.
2. Trace how the love triangle, in which there is no true love, will end.
3. Enjoy the professional production of one of the most successful pieces by the founder of the "new drama" G. Ibsen.

This time the theater "Golden Gate" will present to the audience a play in which a completely non-typical love triangle is played out.

A woman who is alien to a woman is a man - an ordinary man of a man who knows firmly what he wants from life and easily points his wife to "her place", and a new-old beloved. All this is the tragic story of the new Medea, described by Norwegian playwright Henry Ibsen - "Gadda Gabler".

The only thing that distinguishes Gadda from the ancient Medea is the complete lack of passion. She does not love Tessman's husband because she married because she "needs it". She does not feel intimate affection for "old love" LeBorg, because the very fact of her closeness is hideous, like all earthly. She is unhappy, driven into the framework of a simple woman, the fate of which houses and children. Gadda dreams of something high, worthy of her father's ideal.

It would seem gray man's life ended when, on the threshold of the house, a visitor from the past came to the fore - a talented scholar Lewborg. But he is just an unsuccessful attempt at self-assertion. She will suffer, and will cause suffering all around. Is love like this? Who are we to judge...

Posted by Henrik Ibsen
Director: Olena Shchurskaya
Actors: Irina Tkachenko, Vitaliy Azhnov, Dmitry Oliynyk, Anton Solovey, Inna Skorina-Kalaba, Anastasia Babiy, Lilia Tsviekikova, Anna Glukhenka

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Gadda Gabler

27 December 2018 19:00


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