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The play "The Stone" will take place in Odessa at the Ukrainian Theater.

Why should you go to the theater for the play "The Stone" in Odessa?

  1. A deep dramatic production that raises important life topics.
  2. Masterful acting embodiment of complex images of heroes.
  3. Emotions that should be passed through yourself.

The play "Stone" in Odessa

Odesa Theater named after V. Vasylka invites you to the performance "Stone". Convincing performance of the actors, professional direction, topical topics will not leave anyone indifferent. Come!

Important fragments of the history of the past, which will be gathered in the play into a single whole

Before you are three women who represent three generations of the same family. They return to the house bought in the 1930s by the head of the family from a Jewish couple in order to provide them with the opportunity to escape from the Nazi regime. However, later the new owners who fled to West Germany were forced to leave this house. And now the women from the same family are at home. But will the return bring happiness to each of them? The play vividly reveals the themes of changing the facts of history, creating a cult, uncorrected and destructive mistakes in family relationships. So "Stone" is a symbolic and literal name at the same time. A stone is both a mute witness of many events and a symbol of indestructible Truth. Once he was thrown with hatred, then - buried in the garden for 25 years, and now - sheds light on the bitter truth... We are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets to the play "The Stone" in Odessa?

You can choose comfortable seats in the hall and immediately order tickets online at Concert.ua.