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Insects save the world

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The play "Insects Save the World" will take place in Kyiv at the New Ukrainian Theater Arts Center.

Why should you go to the theater to the play "Insects Save the World" in Kyiv?

  1. A good, funny story for children.
  2. An unusual plot and interesting characters.
  3. A sea of new impressions and bright memories for young viewers.

The performance "Insects save the world" in Kyiv

"Insects save the world" is an exciting fairy-tale performance of the "Sonechko" Theater. A beautiful production was prepared by:
  • director-producer and artist Vitaly Kino;
  • ballet master Svitlana Arkhipova;
  • author of music and lyrics Ilya Rybalko;
  • light artist Yehor Snigyr;
  • costume designer Yulia Kino;
  • sound engineers Yehor Snigyr, Ilya Rybalko.
Performers: Oleksandra Petko, Tetiana Myroshnychenko, Yuliya Zavaliy, Polina Kino, Yuriy Shvets, Vladyslav Svedenyuk, Marina Pashchekun and others.

Fun adventures in the world of insects on the stage of the Theater on Mykhailivska Street

The main characters of the bright performance are kind, attentive and brave insect friends who are very fond of songs and dances and are always in a good mood. However, even in their sweet world, unpleasant troubles sometimes happen. And this time, uninvited guests appeared on the beautiful chamomile meadow - aphids and Colorado beetles. So the friends will have to make an effort to save the wonderful plants. And good will definitely defeat evil again! The performance is recommended for children from 4 to 11 years old. Duration - 1 hour and 10 minutes. Before meeting!

Where to buy tickets for the performance "Insects Save the World" in Kyiv?

You can order tickets online at Concert.ua.