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The play "Careful - Eva!?" in Odesa will take place in the Odesa Regional Academic Drama Theater.

Why should you go to the theater to the play "Caution - Eva!?" in Odessa?

  1. The spectacular name is intriguing and promises many bright viewing experiences.
  2. A bright performance with a violent plot draws you in and does not let go of your attention even for a moment.
  3. Beautiful actors easily immerse you in a special world of sincere emotions and passionate feelings.

Bright comedy performance "Careful - Eva!?" in Odessa

The production is based on a play by the Italian playwright Aldo Nicolai. And this, at least, promises the presence of bright, stormy and genuine emotions and passions in the performance. Talented actors of the theater undertake to embody a colorful picture of feelings: Honored Artist of Ukraine Serhiy Polyakov, Anastasia Borisova, Polina Korets, Maksym Vishtalyuk, Yevhen Merkulov, Oleksiy Beldei, Nikita Yevdokimov, Nelly Churan. The director-producer is Olena Pushkina. Comedy in 2 acts.

When you strive to create paradise, but hell turns out: this is about it in the play "Caution - Eve!?" in the Odessa Drama Theater

All the "salt" of the play is in its title. After all, the main character, Eve, is also the keeper of men's peace and comfort! Trying, in her opinion, to surround her husband with paradise, Eve adds a little bit of hell to his life. It will be unpredictable, but definitely not boring! Come for a great rest and a good mood!

Where to buy tickets for the performance "Be careful - Eva!?" in Odessa?

You can order tickets in a few minutes online at Concert.ua. We advise you to do this in advance to get the best seats in the hall.