Premonition of Mina Mazaylo 12+

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Why should you go to the play "Premonition of Mina Mazailo"?

1. Watch the performance of Nikolai Kulish's masterpiece play.
2. Marvel at the brilliant play of actors.
3. Enjoy bright images, lively colorful characters and spectacular scenography.

Have you long wanted to see sparkling comedy? Then you definitely need to visit the play "Premonition of Mina Mazaylo" at the Podol Theater.

Directed by Vitaly Malakhov was able to accurately place the accents that laid Nikolai Kulish in his famous play. Therefore, in the first place in the production is not the comedy of the plot, but the ideological depth of the famous work. Social and family, flexibly intertwining, is reflected in full in bright caricature and farcical scenes.

Mina Mazailo wants to change her last name to the Russian Masenin. For this reason, the real tragedy is played out in the family. Thus, the son of Mokiy condemns the act of the father, and Aunt Motya arrives on the side of the latter.

Subtle directorial perception allowed to answer the most important question of the play: “Why did Mina Mazailo become just like that?” The performance gives an explanation of the origin of the feeling of “second-rate” among the Ukrainian people, so Aunt Motya even says: “It’s better to be raped ten times than once Ukrainized.”

Performance in Ukrainian.
Duration - 2.5 hours.
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