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Snow in April 16+

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Why go to the show "Snow in April"?

1. See the original international project.
2. Immerse yourself in the unusual atmosphere of a bilingual performance.
3. Get acquainted with modern classics.

The staging of Polina Medvedev's novel Tennessee Williams "Mrs. Stone's Roman Spring".

A love story that could have happened anywhere but happened in Rome.

The Eternal City gave the famous American actress Karen Stone a romantic vacation full of Italian passion.
Every woman's heart longs for love, no matter how many times it has been burned by fire… Our heroine is drawn into a real whirlpool, where love and fear, lies and hope, as well as faith in a miracle are intertwined! Because if you really want, it will snow even in April.

The play was created with the participation of an international team: production designer and costume designer who lives in Munich and works all over Europe - Andreas von Schlippe; Mirage Adventures and the Mark Prudkin Theater Arts Foundation (Israel) also took part in the work.

On the creative account of the German theater artist Andreas von Schlippe many productions in various European theaters. It so happened that he often had to work in Europe with those directors who in different years had serious contradictions with the Russian reality that forced them to leave this country - Yuri Lyubimov, Anatoly Vasiliev.

Polina Medvedeva, a native of Lviv who became a leading actress at the Moscow Art Theater, played the leading roles in productions by such directors as Oleg Efremov, Lev Dodin, Yuri Butusov, Mindaugas Karbauskis, Petro Fomenko and others. After the Revolution of Dignity, Polina Medvedeva left the Moscow Art Theater and returned to her homeland, Ukraine. Now she is actively working in Kyiv as a director, and her latest play "Ghosts" based on the play by G. Ibsen, which is a great success on the stage of the theater "Constellation" - last year took part in the prestigious Edinburgh Theater Festival.

Tennessee Williams (1911-1983) - a classic of American drama of the twentieth century, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, author who "broke" the traditional world of drama, and his plays-hits - "Tram" Desire "," Glass Menagerie "," Cat on hot roof "," Summer and smoke "- have become the property of world theater. The wild success of Tennessee Williams' drama in the middle of the twentieth century is not limited to the coordinates of a particular time, individual eras. His best works have survived times and circumstances. And today his great plays such as "Tram" Desire "and" Cat on a Hot Roof "have become sensational events in British theatrical life. The new productions, which rethink ancient events and transport the viewer to the present, have a sense of the eternal pulse of Tennessee Williams, a genius American playwright who has passed through time.

The language of the play is Ukrainian
Duration of "Snow in April" - 2.5 hours (there is an intermission).
The premiere took place on April 12, 2019.
Directed by Polina Medvedeva.
Production designer and costume designer - Andreas von Schlippe
Producers - Vladimir Prudkin, Irina Batko-Stupka
Musical design - Timur Polyansky
Lighting artist - Sergei Nevgadovsky
Choreographer - Angelica Borisova
Sound director - Sergey Shevchenko
Video - Alexander Bratinov
Assistant director - Lyubov Skirko