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The plot of the story of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol "Vii" - one of the most mysterious and exciting subjects of classical literature.

The genre of the play "Vii" is a musical, and the specifics of this large-scale production using the "cinematic" terminology can be called the blockbuster's specifics. Indeed, "Vii" is a kind of theatrical blockbuster - with large-scale costume scenes, dances, songs, very complex and spectacular stunts and special effects. Three nights in a sinister abandoned church, near the witch's coffin, is to be defended by the protagonist of the play - Thomas Brutus, and every next night will be more frightening than the previous one ...

But, as in the story of Gogol, terrible mystical scenes alternate with the desperate, fun and cheerful sketches of the Ukrainian Cossack life. And the unexpected final of the performance will surprise even those who know the story of Gogol by heart ... "BOY" is a spectacle with a capital letter, which you should see!

The performance is the winner of the final annual contest of achievements in the field of culture and arts of the "Afisha Odessa" magazine in the "Best Performance of the Year" nomination in 2005.

Duration of the performance - 2 h 30 min.

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