I Order Love 12+

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Why should you go to the play “I Order Love”?

1. The performance represents the feminine perspective on the relationship between the two sexes.
2. The intriguing title is fully justified.
3. Tragedy, interlacing with comedic elements, leads to an unexpected denouement.

The theater in Podol presents Tatiana Ivashchenko’s play “I Order Love”. This is a “story that can happen to anyone,” come and see.

Relationships between women and men always contain an element of detective. What will be the beginning? Where will intrigue open and what awaits both in the final? Many love stories are developed in a similar scenario. But each of them is full of special nuances. And notice them - a real pleasure. Dreams of true love are an integral part of every woman’s life story. To feel that you are the only one needed and loved is so important, especially if loneliness eats up...

Can I buy love? How much? The desperate tragedy is filled with comic hues, emphasizing the ambiguity of the situation. Before the unexpected finale comes, the viewer will have to follow the labyrinths of the complex relationship between a man and a woman. Consider the fragile and not fully meaningful. Emotional stress, right up to the decoupling of the performance, is guaranteed.

Directed by Sergei Pavlyuk.
Duration - 1 hour and 15 minutes.