4 special features on Concert.ua that you might not know

Sometimes when you use some kind of service, you quickly get used to it and than suddenly you find out about some useful features of it. And you think like: "Well, cool!". We will tell you about four special features that can help you to simplify your life.

1. Wish List

There are always so many events on Concert.ua. If you are not ready to make a decision or place an order yet, then add the event to the Wish List – click on the “Heart”. You can add to Wish List separate events, as well as groups of events / collections.

Your Wish List is located in your Profile. You can return to it any time and quickly arrange an order. Or think about it and postpone again, as it often happens :)

Works both on the computer and on the mobile.

2. Mobile ticket

Concert.ua has its own e-ticket format, which is adapted for your smartphone. Now you don’t have to upload an A4-sized PDF.

Just go to the "My Tickets" in your Profile and click "Open a Ticket." The ticket opens in full-screen mode, with an enlarged bar code. If there are several tickets, they can be displayed one by one, simply by flipping the pages on the screen. Very convenient, isn’t it?

3. Add tickets to Apple Wallet (for iOS devices)

If you have an iPhone, after purchasing tickets you can add them to Apple Wallet from your Profile. So tickets will always be on hand and you can show them on the screen of your smartphone at the entrance. It’s very comfortable!

4. Sorting "Popular / Nearby"

All events on the catalog pages are sorted by chronology. But if you want to find out what is the most popular right now, you can change the sort mode to "Popular".

Pleasant choice)


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