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About the artist

A charismatic brunette whose career is going up at an incredible pace

Dantes is a popular Ukrainian artist, presenter, stand-up comedian. He announced his vocal talent to the whole country for the first time in 2008, becoming the winner of the TV project "Star Factory-2". Dantes started his solo career in 2021. Today, the artist has 2 albums, powerful singles, the title "Pop Artist of the Year" according to the Megogo Music Awards 2023, the award "Best Clip" for the video for the song "Chuyesh" from the "Zolota Zorya Lirum" award. Tickets for Volodymyr Dantes concerts are flying out at a crazy pace. And listeners enthusiastically watch how each new track "pushes" the artist's success to a higher and higher level.

The modern stage of the artist's creativity

Stylish, possessor of a bright sense of humor and a beautiful voice, Volodymyr Dantes today continues to conquer new listeners with new strength. As with all Ukrainians, a certain revision of values took place in the life and consciousness of the singer during the last two years. The artist released his biggest hits of the early period in Ukrainian-language versions. And in August 2023, a completely Ukrainian-language album "Kyty" was released, which included 9 tracks, including both translated songs from previous years and completely new works.

However, for the sake of justice, it is worth admitting that something about the singer has not undergone drastic changes. And this is his image, which remains Dantes' business card for many years. Always modern, fashionable, with a lush hairstyle, the artist only increases the audience of fans. It makes no sense to count the number of diverse cultural, entertainment and social projects in which Dantes acts as a participant or author and presenter - there are many of them. Well, at this time, the spaces of YouTube, streaming services and radio broadcasts are flooded with bright, sensual, insightful, incomparable tracks "Hear", "Whales", "Hugs"... And it will definitely continue.





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