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Ivan Zhornoklei

About the artist

Ivan Zhornokley: basic facts about the artist

Ivan Zhornokley is a popular Ukrainian comedian, stand-up artist, popular host, author and scriptwriter of famous TV programs, and a master of improvisation with a lot of experience. In particular, Ivan has appeared in such projects as Mamahohotala, 4 Weddings, TATISHOW, V Topic, as well as in various comedy podcasts. It was Ivan who founded the Ukrainian Stand-Up Agency and remains its host. The comedian also manages PUSK, the First Ukrainian-language Stand-Up Comedy.

"Everything is as it is, and no lies!"

This is the slogan under which Ivan Zhornokley performs. He skillfully improvises on completely different topics and knows how to engage the audience in a frank and fun conversation. The comedian mostly jokes about things that are important and relevant, right here and right now. About the woman who poisoned the orcs with pies, about javelins, about unfavorable living conditions near the thermal power plant, and much more. And the audience has no choice but to be in a good mood and applaud the talented artist.




Standup Negotiations

Kyiv, F-Bar

from 300.00 ₴



Standup on March 8

Kyiv, Actor`s House

from 300.00 ₴