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The beginning of a musical career

SKY is a popular Ukrainian rock band founded in 2001 in the city of Ternopil. Oleg Sobchuk is the constant leader of the team. The first performances are successful for musicians who make a powerful impression on the audience of such well-known festivals as "Chervon Ruta", "Pearls of the Season" and "Taurian Games". But the year 2005 was truly fateful for the band, when their performance on the stage of the "Fresh Blood" project was noticed by the founder of the company Lavina Music, Eduard Klim, who offered the guys a contract. Today, SKY has dozens of powerful hits, several large-scale tours in Ukraine and abroad, participation in many charity events, etc. in its own record. There were rare cases when tickets for the band's concerts were sold out in a matter of hours, even without posters.

SKY: 22 years together with Ukrainians

The first creative explosion and hitting the target for SKY was the hit "It can kill you". The track got into the rotation of 25 radio stations at once, and the clip shot for the song remains a hit on the country's television and radio channels. The debut album of the band called "What is needed" was released in 2006. And by this time, Oleg Sobchuk's team recorded 7 studio albums, the last of which, "Naprolom", the musicians planned to present a year ago, but a full-scale invasion forced the postponement of the concert tour with the new album. However, today SKY resumed their performances, because now is the time to give concerts, raise funds for the Armed Forces and support the faith of all Ukrainians in the best, motivate and encourage! "Joy is a component of victory, and that's why we play concerts," says the frontman of the band, while thousands of fans are buying tickets for the upcoming concerts at a frantic pace.




sky Spring tour

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