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About the artist

TNMK is a legend of Ukrainian hip-hop with a 25-year history.

Interestingly, for a quarter of a century, fans of the Kharkiv team have never even felt a hint of the band's creative exhaustion. Mega-productive TNMK constantly demonstrates boundless ideological flight and each time conquers the network with new clips and completely unexpected projects.

Dance in the Congo Square - a successful band whose songs are known to several generations of music lovers

Oleg Mykhailyuta (Fagot) and Oleksandr Sydorenko (Fozzy) have been the main characters since the band was formed. Today the musicians have 8 studio albums:
  • Make Me Hip Hop (1998)
  • Neformat (2001)
  • The Fires of Babylon (2004)
  • Strength (2005)
  • "WITH. P. A. M. ”(2010)
  • "Mirror" (2014)
  • «7» (2018)
  • "FIRE red" (2021)
Musicians constantly "hold" the attention of the audience, creating new bright projects that impress with an unexpected and bold concept. Among them - "Symphony of Hip-Hop" with the participation of the orchestra "Slobozhansky", the program "Warm Acoustic Nativity Scene" and others.

TNMK are welcome guests of the biggest music festivals and winners of prestigious awards. Active touring and relentless generation of new hits - the current TNMK. So even more quality hip-hop awaits everyone!

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