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What could be more wonderful, gorgeous, airy and more fantastic than a real circus? Only Odessa Circus! Only here you can plunge into childhood with your children, again feel like an enthusiastic little tomboy, for whom a whole new diverse world has opened up.

Remember how you waited in the childhood of the arrival of the circus in your city, how long stood in line, because getting inside and seeing the arena was probably the dream of all the surrounding boys and girls. Aerial gymnasts, funny clowns, mysterious magicians, famous tamers of wild animals, jugglers, balancers succeeded each other with inexpressible speed, leaving a feeling of admiration and a desire to see the performance again and again.

The Odessa State Circus continues the best traditions of circus mastery and invites all guests and native Odessites to their performances. At us you will forget about problems at work and for a couple of hours will return to your carefree childhood. The magic and charm of the arena, the skill of the troupe and the jokes of funny clowns will not leave anyone indifferent.

Many rooms presented in the Odessa circus are unique in their kind. The collective was repeatedly awarded and took prizes at international circus festivals. The doors of the circus are open for you daily, come and be surprised with your children!