Beit Grand: schedule and tickets

Odessa Jewish Cultural Center is the quintessence of joy, humor, cheerful mood, fun and a place to meet old friends. As the representatives of the team themselves say: “We could not even imagine many years ago, when everything was just beginning, that we could do our favorite business without any restrictions and please our audience again and again.”

If somewhere, and there is a true Odessa in its best manifestation, then it is here that the main cream of the very society that determines the recognition of the style and image of the “pearl by the sea” is collected. Indescribable Jewish humor, vivid originality and recognizability of the characters - if you want to get unforgettable emotions and ideas about old Odessa, the Jewish cultural center "do have to show you!"

The doors of the center are open to viewers of all ages. Both children and adults will be satisfied with what they have seen and will discover new pages in the history of their native city. The versatility of the talent of the team allows you to submit to the viewer a variety of works and productions. However, the main thing remains the same - your leisure time will be unique, and to some extent educational.

Creative and positive, optimism and skill of the actors, the everlasting energy of life will always delight you. The ECC is waiting for you and your friends and hopes for feelings in return.

Odesa, st. Nezhinskaya 77/79