Makhnopab, Events and tickets

Pub Makhno in the Dnieper - a place in which the law is not written. Atmosphere is located on the street. Magdeburg Law, 4a.

The philosophy of the Makhno club in the Dnieper is simple and transparent - here they respect their heroes and those who are ready to defend everything that is dear to them. At any price. However, this does not mean that complete lawlessness reigns in the club of Makhno. It is rather a metaphor embodied in an authentic atmosphere.

Visitors to the Underground Makhno in the Dnieper fall into the territory of anarchy. You can come here to a rock concert, have a beer with a group of friends, order original dishes from the chef. Among the invited rock groups: Desters, BackDraft, Slivarez, BEAST.

The restored premises of the garment factory intrigue visitors with an unusually decorated facade and a stylish sign. The interior carries over to the times of Makhno: panels and slogans on the walls, military attributes, a corner with a photo exposure. During the day, you can order a business lunch with Ukrainian dishes. And in the evening in the institution comes the time of anarchy - the youth goes into complete separation!

The repertoire of the Dnieper Makhno Club is not limited to rock music. Representatives of the rap core culture are performing here, exploding the audience with their laconic and whipping rhymes. For sports fans, football matches are broadcast live on the big screen.

If you want to get to a driving party in the Makhno Pub in the Dnieper, see the poster on the website. Order tickets online and with courier delivery.

Dnipro, Mahdeburzkoho prava St, 4