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Kiev club STEREO is located a few metro stations from Independence Square at 119 Lobanovsky Avenue.

A huge hall and a spacious dance floor create ideal conditions for the country's coolest fan zone. The concert space is divided into 3 zones:

  1. On the ground floor of the Stereo Plaza there is a large stage and a standard fan zone. This is a great choice for dance and slam party format with tickets at an affordable price. A storm of emotions will be ensured by the proximity of your favorite performers on stage and the heated crowd of fans on the dance floor.
  2. On the second tier there is a VIP zone with three rows of seats for convenient observation of what is happening on the stage. Suitable for music lovers who prefer to enjoy the show, towering above the raging army of spectators.
  3. You can sit with maximum comfort in the Delux zone. Here, visitors to the stereo nightclub will be able to spend leisure time with friends at a separate cozy table.

Cool atmosphere, enchanting concerts and large-scale parties with the participation of top DJs of the country - the night club STEREO in Kiev is unique in its kind, as it offers a qualitatively new level in terms of immersion.

Chic music is provided by the modern sound system L`Acoustics. The total power of the equipment reaches 125 kW, and all this is complemented by quality work with light. STEREO Plaza is the only European-level concert venue in the city of Kiev. Rock, pop music, jazz, blues, avant-garde, rap - the most daring and outstanding artists of the country perform at the Stereo club.

Don't want to miss an important event? Use the poster of the Stereo Plaza club in Kiev on the website. Choose an interesting event and order tickets online or with home delivery.

Kyiv, Lobanovskogo, 119

Closest events

Lindemann 06 March 19:00, Fri Lindemann Kyiv, Stereo Plaza Don't wish 06 March Lindemann Stereo Plaza Buy MACHETE. I'MPULSE album presentation 30% on the second ticket 07 March 20:00, Sat MACHETE. I'MPULSE album presentation Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 19.67 EUR MACHETE. I'MPULSE album presentation Don't wish 07 March MACHETE. I'MPULSE album presentation Stereo Plaza Buy Nothing But Thieves 21 March 20:00, Sat Nothing But Thieves Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 36.63 EUR Nothing But Thieves Don't wish 21 March Nothing But Thieves Stereo Plaza Buy ANDRO 22 March 19:00, Sun ANDRO Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 21.67 EUR ANDRO Don't wish 22 March ANDRO Stereo Plaza Buy ATL 28 March 20:00, Sat ATL Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 18.3 EUR ATL Don't wish 28 March ATL Stereo Plaza Buy Editors 01 April 20:00, Wed Editors Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 40 EUR Editors Don't wish 01 April Editors Stereo Plaza Buy SUPER DISCO. DR.ALBAN, ALYONA APINA, BAD BOYS BLUE, LONDONBEAT, NO MERCY 03 April 20:00, Fri SUPER DISCO. DR.ALBAN, ALYONA APINA, BAD BOYS BLUE, LONDONBEAT, NO MERCY Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 26.33 EUR SUPER DISCO. DR.ALBAN, ALYONA APINA, BAD BOYS BLUE, LONDONBEAT, NO MERCY Don't wish 03 April SUPER DISCO. DR.ALBAN, ALYONA APINA, BAD BOYS BLUE, LONDONBEAT, NO MERCY Stereo Plaza Buy T-fest 11 April 20:00, Sat T-fest Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 23.33 EUR T-fest Don't wish 11 April T-fest Stereo Plaza Buy Louis Tomlinson 14 April 20:00, Tue Louis Tomlinson Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 43 EUR Louis Tomlinson Don't wish 14 April Louis Tomlinson Stereo Plaza Buy BEHEMOTH 12 May 20:00, Tue BEHEMOTH Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 35 EUR BEHEMOTH Don't wish 12 May BEHEMOTH Stereo Plaza Buy Noize mc 15 May 20:00, Fri Noize mc Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 21.67 EUR Noize mc Don't wish 15 May Noize mc Stereo Plaza Buy LSP 16 May 20:00, Sat LSP Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 14.97 EUR LSP Don't wish 16 May LSP Stereo Plaza Buy Machine Head 20 May 19:00, Wed Machine Head Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 36.33 EUR Machine Head Don't wish 20 May Machine Head Stereo Plaza Buy Nurminsky 21 May 20:00, Thu Nurminsky Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 15 EUR Nurminsky Don't wish 21 May Nurminsky Stereo Plaza Buy Liam Payne 22 May 20:00, Fri Liam Payne Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 43 EUR Liam Payne Don't wish 22 May Liam Payne Stereo Plaza Buy Woodkid 26 May 20:00, Tue Woodkid Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 31.67 EUR Woodkid Don't wish 26 May Woodkid Stereo Plaza Buy Lil Pump -40% на другий 28 May 20:00, Thu Lil Pump Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 39.97 EUR Lil Pump Don't wish 28 May Lil Pump Stereo Plaza Buy Nightwish 29 May 20:00, Fri Nightwish Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 45 EUR Nightwish Don't wish 29 May Nightwish Stereo Plaza Buy Skryptonite 30 May 20:00, Sat Skryptonite Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 26.67 EUR Skryptonite Don't wish 30 May Skryptonite Stereo Plaza Buy Скриптонит Скриптонит 1 Event Скриптонит 30.05 - 30.05.2020 Asking Alexandria VIP-package 17 October 20:00, Sat Asking Alexandria VIP-package Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 75 EUR Asking Alexandria VIP-package Don't wish 17 October Asking Alexandria VIP-package Stereo Plaza Buy Asking Alexandria 17 October 20:00, Sat Asking Alexandria Kyiv, Stereo Plaza Don't wish 17 October Asking Alexandria Stereo Plaza Buy