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Klavdia Petrivna

30 August 2024, Fri. 18:00-20:00
Palace of sports Kyiv, 1 Sports square
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About event

Music sensation Klavdia Petrivna kept her identity a secret for a year and is finally ready to reveal all the cards. Who is she?

The performer is creating a real musical revolution in show business and has already received many awards. According to Ukrainian Pravda, the artist entered the TOP-100 most influential women of Ukraine.

The singer confidently and boldly steps into the Kyiv Sports Palace, where she will give her first and only concert this year!
Having held their breath, the audience's eyes light up in the dark hall when she - Klavdia Petrivna - appears on the stage. We invite you to fully immerse yourself in her work. Everyone will experience a whole palette of emotions - from loud laughter to emotion to tears, from fiery dances to a cozy atmosphere with flashlights.

Live tracks from the artist who won the hearts of thousands of fans with her phenomenal and ironic singles "Find Me" and "Emperors", more melancholic songs "Take care of me" and "I'm happy (Doctors say)", which took first positions in the charts and became hits.

The singer's voice will spread throughout the hall and every viewer will feel a deep connection with the singer and her feelings. Klavdia Petrivna will unite all fans together with her tracks, will allow you to sing in unison, let out all your emotions and just relax as much as possible.

Klavdia Petrivna's concert is the most anticipated event of this summer, the photos of which you will be looking at for a long time. This event will be of a charitable nature, part of the funds will be directed to the needs of the Defenders of Ukraine.
Co-organizers and promoters of the show are the ORIGIN TEAM with 25 years of experience in events and the NEBO MUSIC label, which works with the artist


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Klavdia Petrivna

31 August 2024 18:00

Palace of sports, Kyiv

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