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Klavdia Petrivna

About the artist


The phenomenon of an anonymous singer in a hat who conquered TikTok and collects millions of views on YOUTUBE

Klavdia Petrivna is a super popular Ukrainian singer and songwriter, whose track "Find Me" at the beginning of 2024 became the leader of the domestic charts on streaming platforms and radio stations. The artist opens a new era of Ukrainian music: more than 100 million views on YouTube in six months, hundreds of thousands of Shazams and the presence of fans all over the world.
The cultural beau monde and listeners break spears around the controversy regarding the real identity of the new star. Someone considers Klavdia Petrivna quite young, while someone attributes her age to 35-40 years. At the same time, the singer's team even offers to consider the involvement of artificial intelligence in the appearance of Klavdia Petrivna's image. But the singer Masha Kondratenko took the stage to receive the award for the singer in the "Debut of the Year" category from the "Lirum" publication.

Meanwhile, Klavdia Petrivna's tracks conquer streaming services and TikTok. And Olena Zelenska quotes lines from the singer's compositions in her speech at the Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen.

The success story of the mysterious author and performer of the hits "I'm happy" and "Find me"

The mysterious Klavdia Petrivna posted the first demo versions of her songs on TikTok in August 2023. And already in six months, Klavdia Petrivna has almost half a million regular listeners, and this is only on Spotify. Today, the anonymous singer continues to confidently conquer the audience with her original style of performance, interesting lyrics and beautiful vocals. By the way, the Nebo Music label, with which Klavdia Petrivna cooperates, announces the disclosure of the singer's name in the near future. Meanwhile, more than 50,000 fans join the singer's audience every month. And this is definitely just the beginning.




Klavdia Petrivna

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Klavdia Petrivna

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