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10 October 2023, Tue. 19:00
DK "Friendship of Peoples" Cherkassy, Blvd. Shevchenko, 249
from 340 UAH
from 340 UAH


About event

https://concert.ua/event/olkg-skripka-odesa in Cherkasy is possible thanks to The Armed Forces of Ukraine! Don`t miss 2023-10-10 в 19:00 on the DK "Friendship of Peoples", Cherkasy.
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"We were born in a great hour": Oleg Skrypka with songs of our time and hits of the band "VV" in your city


  • His songs unite and inspire, strengthen the spirit and actualize the heroics of the Cossack era.

  • His concerts are sold out in all corners of Ukraine.

  • He is one of those leaders of the rock scene who are welcomed by our defenders at the front, courageously defending and defending the independence and unity of our state.

Oleg Skrypka, a multi-instrumentalist musician, vocalist, composer, leader of the cult band "Vopli Vidoplyasova", in order to support the Ukrainian fighters on the front line, gave 4 concerts in the last month alone near Bakhmut, where fierce battles are currently taking place.

OLEG SKRYPKA: " Today is frightening! But we are firmly holding our positions on the front of courage and high spirit, with an arsenal of modern songs and Cossack heroics.

Let's sing, as they sang yesterday and in ancient times - with an open heart. Our songs are a great unifying force of spirit and effort. And where there is a song, there is no place for fear. Where there is no fear, love rages!

Let's honor our heroes: living, dead and unborn!

The front line passes through the heart of every Ukrainian.

We unite to enjoy life for the benefit of the Armed Forces. In a front-line atmosphere, because the front line runs through the soul and will of each of us. Glory to Ukraine! »

Don't miss the performance of Oleg Skrypka with the concert program "We were born in the great hour" , which, in addition to songs about current realities, also included hits from the repertoire of the band "VV", which have been sung by millions for 35 years!

Live sound, explosive energy, convincing patriotism and sincere emotions... - on stage and in life, in every song of the legendary performer, whose performance will take place in your city very soon.

Come - let's sing our favorite songs together in the same rhythm, in the same tonality and in the common desire for the fastest possible victory.

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