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Oleg Skrypka

About the artist


Oleg Skrypka - photo №1 Oleg Skrypka
Oleg Skrypka - photo №2 Oleg Skrypka афіша
Oleg Skrypka - photo №3 Oleg Skrypka квитки

Oleg Skrypka is a Ukrainian rock musician, songwriter and frontman of the band “Vopli Vidoplyasova”, the founder of the ethnic festival “Kraina Mrii”. The coach of the talent show “Holos krainy" and "Holos.Dity” on 1+1 TV channel.

THE songs by Vopli Vidoplyasova band

20 albums, more than 5000 concerts, about 300 songs and tours around the world! It was in the performance of the band “Vopli Vidoplyasova” that rock first sounded in Ukrainian.

"Tantsi", "Vesna", "Den narodzhennia", "Buly denky", "Muzika", "Ie-ie", "Liubov", "Kolyskova", "Yura", "Taiemni sfery", "Zoriana Osin" , "Kraina mrii" and many other compositions are megahits for several generations of fans of Oleg Skrypka and “VV”.

Particularly popular was the musical collaboration of the singer and the Ukrainian National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments. The symbiosis of Ukrainian folklore and powerful rock music, the mastery of the best musicians of Ukraine and the Skrypka's vocals... At shows with the NAOFI Orchestra, the band’s famous compositions and folk songs gain a new sound!


You can enjoy the atmosphere and color of concerts of Ukrainian rock legends, listen to your favorite songs live and have plenty of dancing at the artist’s next show! Each performance is not like the previous one: improvisations, philosophical conversations, or vice versa, a bold joke.

See the upcoming events on the Concert.ua website and buy tickets for the Oleg Skrypka show in your city! Act quickly: full houses in the halls are not a surprise, but a regularity. Because to convey all the drive and power from performing in several lines is simply impossible!

We recommend to come and feel in person.

See you at the shows!




Oleg Skrypka 60. Great Anniversary Concert with NAONI

Kyiv, Stereo Plaza

from 800.00 ₴