Stone lord

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Stone lord. “Love does not seek easy ways ...”

The poetess of breaking centuries. This is called Lesia Ukrainka, who very subtly felt and described the nature of human relations. Now in front of you is the directorial version of a crazy love drama directed by Ivan Uryvsky. In the center of the plot is seducer Don Giovanni, selfish Donna Anna and stone, conservative commander Don Gonzago de Mendoza.

Don Juan appears to the writer differently from his literary prototypes of authorship by Hoffmann, Moliere, Mozart, Byron or Pushkin. After all, he keeps proudly, strives for freedom and follows the sincere call of his heart! In this love adventure, everyone wants happiness ... But at what cost? And whose life principles will be stronger?

The language of the performance is Ukrainian
Premiere - February 29, 2020
Author - Lesya Ukrainka
Stage Director: Ivan Uryvsky

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