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The play “Levushka” is an attempt to look with children's eyes at the religious world.

In the center of the story is a boy Leo, who lives in a Ukrainian-Jewish family. His grandmothers, Rosa and Dasha, instill in him the love of God from an early age. But they have different religions, and not one of the grandmothers wants to put up with the fact that her grandson will grow on the wrong canons. Being a quick-witted boy, Leva immediately realizes that she can use this as an opportunity to earn some money for her favorite delicacies. For his trips to the church or to the synagogue, Levushka asks the grandmothers for a monetary reward. And now, after a short time, he manages to accumulate a tidy sum! It is surprising that the boy and the synagogue boy feels great. After all, the priest and the rabbi turned out to be friendly and kind people who are ready to listen and meet everyone.

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25 December 2018 19:00

Kyiv, Kiev Drama Theater in Podil

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