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Anton Timoshenko

About the artist

Anton Tymoshenko: One of the most famous and talented stand-up comedians in Ukraine

Anton Tymoshenko is a Ukrainian stand-up star from the Dnipro region, host of the comedy radio show Gomin Out, one of the writers for Toronto TV, a member of the League of Laughs and twice winner of Make a Comedian Laugh, a resident of the Underground Stand Up club, and one of the leaders of the Stand Up Time project. Anton Tymoshenko also managed to give an interview to the famous American TV host David Letterman and appear (for a moment) in the same episode with the President of Ukraine on Netflix. Anton has been doing stand-up since 2015. Political trends and events are among the central topics for his jokes. The comedian talks about them not only funny, but also professionally, as he has a degree in political science. The author does not ignore acute social issues either.

"People laugh at the funny"

This is how Anton Tymoshenko simply and accurately characterizes the search for topics for his jokes. He closely follows the events around him and applies non-standard analysis to them. The author respects sharp jokes on the edge. And his philosophy in creativity is no censorship, but laughter that will not harm, but will make life easier, will allow the audience to pour out all their emotions into powerful feedback and thus find the strength to go on. This is how bright, filigree jokes are born, in which Anton wittily "exquisitely beats" Russians, talks about the ubiquitous Kyivites, or about the instructions for making Molotov cocktails on Iryna Fedyshyn's official YouTube channel. In any case, Anton Tymoshenko does it cool and effortlessly, and the audience appreciates it and fills the halls at his concerts to capacity.




Great Standup Concert

Dnipro, ПК Шинник

from 250.00 ₴



Great Stand-Up Concert at NAU

Kyiv, NAU Center of Culture and Arts

from 450.00 ₴



Standup "Great Ukrainian Stand Up"

Odesa, Odessa Regional Philharmonic

from 330.00 ₴