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Behemoth - photo №1 Behemoth
Behemoth - photo №2 Behemoth афіша
Behemoth - photo №3 Behemoth квитки
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Behemoth - photo №6 Behemoth піти

Behemoth is a Polish black death metal band using the themes of occultism, satanism and mythology of the Middle East in its work.


Four musicians recreate unique theatrical performances on stage, similar in spirit to not every audience. Their shows – filled with magic and ancient rituals, and through the world of nightmares – any fears and doubts are overcome. Behemoth's shows – this is the real mysticism that will affect your hidden desires!

The current composition of the Behemoth band:

  • Adam Darski– vocals, rhythm, solo and acoustic guitars, synthesizer, programming;
  • Tomasz Wróblewski – bass and backing vocals;
  • Zbigniew Robert Promiński – drums;
  • Patryk Dominik Sztyber – backing vocals, solo and rhythm guitar.

The Behemoth band has 11 studio albums, several EPs, many compilations, bold lyrics and frank clips, the image of real dark knights and rebels. They create their own story, in which there are no frames and rules.