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KAZKA - photo #1 KAZKA
KAZKA - photo #2 KAZKA афіша

KAZKA is the main musical sensation of Ukraine and the first domestic group to be in the TOP-10 Global Shazam. Participants in the national selection of Eurovision-2019 (3rd place).

Ukrainian KAZKA

The group plays in experimental pop style with elements of electro-folk, all songs sound exclusively in Ukrainian. The debut album KARMA consists of ten sensual songs, among which - the sensational megahit "Plakala". The track collected more than 120 million hits on YouTube and topped the charts in Ukraine, Latvia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Colombia and other countries.

The original team won the love of the public from all over the world and was noted for receiving the YUNA 2019 Music Award in the nomination “Best Pop Group”! And:

  • - “The Best Song” (“Plakala”), YUNA 2019;
  • - “Discovery of the Year”, YUNA 2018;
  • - "New Names", Gold Firebird;
  • - “Debut of the Year”, Karabas Live;
  • - “The Best Debut” and “The Best Song of a Pop Group” (“Svyata”), Kraina FM;
  • - “Discovery of the Year”, FDR Media.

Fantastic atmosphere at concerts of KAZKA

Concerts KAZKA - is the sincerity, virtuosity and skill of musicians. Sensual Ukrainian compositions in an ethno-musical wrapper are simply fascinating. And the presentation and the general atmosphere - from the first second to the final note are enveloped in magic and keep the audience in a wonderful musical trance.

Despite the success, KAZKA does not relax. And, staying on the wave of popularity, goes to the first world tour to cities of Europe and North America! And it seems that this is only the beginning.

A new NIRVANA record is scheduled for September 2019, and already on November 14, a big solo album in support of the album at the Kyiv Sports Palace! It will be a beautiful and sensual performance, full of surprises. Do not miss!

Want to become part of the fascinating history of KAZKA? Then watch the band's concert billboard and purchase tickets in advance! The cost at the start of sales is always very pleasant, for the very best fans. As if hinting.

See you at KAZKA concerts!