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Palindrom is a bright musical project of Stepan Burban, a member of the Lviv rap group Chapter 94 (he has the nickname Coughing Ed in rap).

Stepan is called one of the most talented representatives of the new wave in Ukrainian music. Palindrom's work is often compared to the style of Scriabin's early works, and due to the presence of melancholy and mild depression in the texts, parallels are drawn with Dolphin. However, Stepan himself does not want any comparisons, because he seeks to create a completely separate product.

From rapper to melancholic lyricist: Stepan Burban and Palindrom

The rapper, who recorded an unsurpassed pop album, is what people say about Stepan Burban today, remembering his debut album "About Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow", released in 2019. In it the Ed-romantic comes to the fore. In the tracks of the album the author expresses his own thoughts - about himself, his own sense of the world and human life.

As Stepan admits, after the release of the first album, there were no plans to work on the Palindrome project in the future. There was no thought of a second release. But soon he appeared. And this happened because the free entertainment of the musician with the program Fruity Loops, freestyle and melodies "falsettik" went well with the audience.

Thus, the debut tracks were recorded enthusiastically, without any concept, in free flight and not without experiments. Interestingly, all the work on the tracks was done by Stepan himself. He also created the plots of his first clips.

The second album "Walls have ears" was released in 2020 and became a book of childhood and youth memories of the rapper.

Works of Palindrom that are worth listening to:
  • "I did not live"
  • "On the water"
  • "Evil"
  • "Coma"
  • "For Heaven"
  • "Festive" and others

What is Palindrom for Stepan Burban

The author admits that the new project was a special opportunity for him to reveal himself to the listener and to himself from the other side. The author calls the free flow of words and emotions "simple primitivism in its true form." Well, not so primitive, agree?

And about the music project he says: “Palindrom is when you invite a friend or a girl home and show your children's photo album. It's very fragile and personal. "

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