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More Music Club - a creative space in the heart of Odessa. The address of the establishment is 12 Polska Street (at the intersection with Ivan Bunin Street). The proximity of the sea is guessed by the very name.

The establishment was founded in 2015 and moved several times. The last location - the ancient buildings of the 19th century. This is an atmospheric and cozy place, since almost everything is done by hand. A special item of the interior is the deck from the stratocaster with the logo of the institution, donated by one Odessa sculptor. In More Music Club - a wonderful concert venue, dance floor and art pub, where you can order spirits or various cocktails. The menu offers a wide selection of dishes of European cuisine. As it is easy to guess by the name, people like music in an institution.

There are concerts of young and underground, as well as famous performers. The platform can accommodate up to half a thousand people. Live music is the calling card for More Music Club.

See the fresh poster of the drive events in the More Music Club at! More music is a sea of music!

Odessa, Polska street, 12

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Uvula 13 September 19:00, Fri Uvula Odessa, More Music Club from 6.67 EUR Uvula Don't wish 13 September Uvula More Music Club Buy Pasosh 11 October 19:00, Fri Pasosh Odessa, More Music Club from 8.33 EUR Pasosh Don't wish 11 October Pasosh More Music Club Buy Buerak 23 October 19:00, Wed Buerak Odessa, More Music Club from 8.33 EUR Buerak Don't wish 23 October Buerak More Music Club Buy