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Odesa, Italian Blvd, 4

When there is a desire to plunge into the atmosphere of absolute freedom from imposed stereotypes and all sorts of restrictions, you always have the opportunity to come to the nightclub Palladium.

This is not just a fashionable institution, but a point of attraction for famous and successful people. In this epicenter of club life, there is a unique atmosphere that allows you to feel the flow of new feelings that are still unknown. Palladium is exclusively actual music and inexpressible emotions that make a lot of hearts beat in one rhythm.

The stage, equipped with the most modern sound and unique lighting equipment, as well as professional technical staff, allow you to hold concerts of the highest level. Exclusive design, calculated to the smallest detail, allows guests of the club to feel as comfortable as possible. Only Palladium holds unique theme parties, where everyone can participate in the most insane action.

Pop, Dance, Club is a muzformat club, which gives the opportunity to express themselves on the dance floor to each guest. And the concerts held here are able to satisfy fans of any genre.