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About the artist


Kalush - photo №1 Kalush
Kalush - photo №2 Kalush афіша
Kalush - photo №3 Kalush квитки
Kalush - photo №4 Kalush на concert.ua
KALUSH is the most popular hip hop band in Ukraine.

A breakthrough in 2021, which fascinates millions of listeners with its music. The modern sound created by musicians on folk instruments easily makes the band's compositions winners of music awards, such as YUNA in the nomination "Best Hip-Hop Hit", Rap.ua Awards 2021 in the nomination "Release of the Year". and Rap.ua 2020 in the nomination "Best Clip of the Year".

The outrage and charisma of KALUSH, creates a unique atmosphere of concerts where it is always very hot

The band has millions of fans who make each clip one of the leaders in music trends, so "Home" - has received more than fourteen million views, and the first music album - HOTIN is on the top charts in Ukraine for 8 months.




Kalush Orchestra

Kyiv, Osocor Residence

from 500.00 ₴