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KARNA - photo №1 KARNA
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KARNA is a popular Ukrainian rock band that presented a new genre - 'Hutsul metal'!

The musicians were among the first to bring a combination of nu-metal, ethno-rock and alternative to the domestic stage. The band immediately set itself the task: to create a quality music product. This was the key to KARNA's success and brought the team a diploma from the Chervona Ruta festival and the Taras Bulba Grand Prix.

KARNA: from underground performances to your own festival

KARNA started in Ivano-Frankivsk in 1997. The composition of the band has partially changed since then and today powerful live plays:
  • Oleksiy Yarosh - vocals;
  • Vladislav Yarun - guitar, backing vocals;
  • Pavlo Korsun - bass, backing vocals;
  • Oleg Belous - drums.
The main Hutsul metallers of the country worked their way to the title of a cult band with hard work. Offering the society a completely new genre, the band KARNA began to actively replenish the treasury of Ukrainian metal. The first success, which was preceded by several high-profile performances in the underground, awaited the team in 2001. The team conquered the 'Red Route'. And in the same year the musicians founded and held their own festival 'Rock Explosion'.

The period 2002-2003 was decisive for the band. The debut album 'Letimo' was released, which, for a moment, was recognized by several Ukrainian critics as the best release of alternative music in 2003. As a result, it was awarded at the Taras Bulba festival.

Meanwhile, KARNA songs are in active rotation on the radio.

Powerful sound and meaningful lyrics - KARNA understands that

The original style of modern Hutsul metallers has been enhanced by cool quality sound and tenacious lyrics. For the award they received the title of a cult phenomenon in national music. Every KARNA concert is a crazy drive, pure emotions and uncontrollable separation. And a concentrated mixture of romance and metal, and even live - just demolishes the roof! Among the famous works of the band: 'For you my blood', 'Sail', 'Little', 'Prometheus' and other powerful songs.

Where to buy tickets for KARNA concerts?

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