Olexandr Dovzhenko National Film Studio, Events and tickets

Film Studio them. Dovzhenko in Kiev is the former Kiev film studio of feature films, which in 1957 was renamed in honor of the great Ukrainian director. Located on Victory Avenue, 44.

Outstanding films were shot here by Alexander Dovzhenko, one of the greatest Ukrainian film directors, writers and playwrights. In addition to making films, acting classes were held at the Kiev film studio, and television and video clips were later filmed.

Today, in the famous film studio in Kiev, there are not only screenings of avant-garde filmmakers whose films cannot be seen in an ordinary movie theater, but also creative events of other formats:

  • festivals;
  • concerts
  • poetry evenings.

The Dovzhenko film studio includes several pavilions for shooting. One of them is the largest in Europe - it covers an area of 2520 square meters. The total area is more than 10 hectares.

For intellectual leisure, we recommend visiting the National Museum at the Dovzhenko Film Studio. Guests of Kiev can conveniently stay at the Nika Hotel, which belongs to the cinema complex and is located at ul. A. Dovzhenko, 16.

Find out the poster of the Film Studio named after Dovzhenko in Kiev on the Concert.ua website and buy tickets online or with delivery.

Kyiv, prospekt Peremohy, 44