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The chase

About the artist


A powerful combat unit of the Ukrainian rap community

Gonya (real name - Igor Gutnyk) is a popular rapper from Lviv, whose creative path has already crossed the 10-year mark and continues to confidently move into the future. The gifted boy started rapping at the age of 14. Since then, he has distinguished himself in many Internet battles under various pseudonyms (PidBit, Lemberg Battle, Pitbull Battle), was a member of the Chapter 94 collective, conquered the stages of music festivals. The artist admits that at different times he was interested in different genres and directions in music. But the main factor that has a constant influence on him and his work is the reality that exists around and within.

From the most fit EP to a full-length solo album

Gonya announced the start of his solo career in 2018. But it is worth noting that earlier, in 2015, the artist's first album called "Fitality" was released, the majority of the tracks of which were recorded together with local rappers. Today, Goni's music collection includes the mini-albums "Sabotage" and "Neither in the corner nor in the door". The first studio album "Headache" with 9 tracks was released in 2023. Recently, Gonya joined the interesting experimental project Cute Four, where the rapper performs as the Fire King. Obviously, this embodiment most clearly demonstrates the ideological foundations of Goni's work: honesty, directness, authenticity.




Chase on V'YAVA

Kyiv, V’YAVA

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Faine Misto: Land of Future Legends

Lviv, !FESTrepublic territory

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