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Maryna KRUTЬ

About the artist

Angelic voice, an ancient folk instrument that performs electronic music and lyrical lyrics - a cocktail that fell in love with Ukrainian fans of the talent of Maryna KRUTЬ.

KRUTЬ is both a pseudonym for Maryna Krut, a Ukrainian singer, songwriter, poetess and bandura player, and the name of her music band. Marina promotes playing the archaic Ukrainian folk instrument - the bandura, and experiments with the performance of modern works in the genres of pop, soul and jazz. He performs both solo and in company with other musicians and orchestras.

In each performance, the actress is taught with all possible energy and inner strength, while remaining in the image of a gentle touching woman.

Versatility of music and listeners of the band MARyNA KRUTЬ

After graduating from music school in the bandura class, Maryna Krut immediately, at the age of 15, started performing. Now she has extensive experience in concert activities at a variety of venues - not only the usual concert halls, philharmonics, corporate parties, and apartment buildings, but also in prison, psychiatric hospital, orphanages, nursing homes. She also performed during the Maidan; many times went with concerts to the anti-terrorist operation zone.

Marina herself writes songs, chamber works for orchestras, string quartets, bandura groups. Sometimes he arranges and creates music for advertising.

Among other modern Ukrainian bandura players he mentions Georgy Matviyiv, Roman Hrynkiv, and the Ukrainian band B&B Project.

Successes of the young performer

  • Participation in the X-Factor show of the 8th season (2017).
  • Participation in the show 'Voice of the Country' of the 9th season (2019).
  • Winner of the first semifinal of the national selection of participants from Ukraine for the international song contest 'Eurovision-2020'.
  • The release of the album Albino, which was highly praised by critics in 2019.

Interesting facts from the life of Maryna Krutь, which led her to popularity

  • In a blind selection for the show 'Voice of the Country' she performed the legendary song Creep by Radiohead on the bandura.
  • She sang together with Victor Pavlik the legendary song of the 90s 'No promises, no apologies'.
  • Together with the band 'Hammerman destroys viruses' they recorded a fiery and ironic track 'Goats'.
  • Together with Mykhailo Klymenko (sound producer, founder of the band Adam) she wrote music for three films - full-length, documentary and short.
  • She made an acoustic program together with drummer Anton Babich.
  • During the 2020 lockdown, she taught children improvisation and bandura playing on Skype.


  • Debut full-length album 'ARCHE' - 2018
  • EP album "Albino" with sound producer ADAM - 2019
  • The Albino mini-album has been named one of the best albums of 2019 by many publications
The all-Ukrainian tour '99' is planned for 2021!

Where to buy tickets for events with the participation of Maryna KRUTЬ?

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See you at the concerts of the young Ukrainian star Maryna KRUTЬ!