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photo №1 Театр Золоті Ворота
photo №2 Театр Золоті Ворота афіша
photo №3 Театр Золоті Ворота квитки
photo №4 Театр Золоті Ворота на concert.ua

The Golden Gate Theater is the most famous chamber theater in Kyiv and Ukraine. The audience here is not just spectators, but full-fledged interlocutors and participants of the stage action. And dialogue with the theater is a dialogue with the whole world. And this world is always open for you at vul. Shovkovichna, 7A.

1979 was the year the theater was founded. Initially, the institution was called 'Poetry Theater', and in 1990 a modern name appeared. The arrival of the creative team of the young and talented director Stas Zhirkov in 2014 marked the beginning of a new story. Stas Zhirkov called the provision of freedom of thought and choice, tolerance for people the main postulates for the activity of the theater.

In 2018, the theater received academic status. A year later, Ksenia Romashenko became the head of the institution, taking a course on the disclosure of acute social issues in the works of the theater in order to address many important issues for society.

Today in the theater 'Golden Gate' are:
  • Performances by famous directors and young novice directors;
  • Programs within social projects;
  • Master classes;
  • Thematic meetings and other interesting and important events.
Since its inception, the theater has been working to ensure the relevance of the repertoire and remain interesting to the audience. Constant cooperation has been established with contemporary young artists - directors, artists, playwrights. Open 'laboratory' search projects that develop critical thinking of the public. The result of the coordinated work of the team is a fifteen-fold increase in the audience over the past six years.

The Golden Gate Theater worthily represents Ukraine on the world stage. The theater staff has participated in festivals in Poland, Belarus, Armenia, the Czech Republic and Germany. In turn, representatives of several countries embodied their own productions on the stage of the theater.

The modern staff of the theater is represented by the best professionals who have repeatedly received important awards at theater and film festivals, television shows.

Where to buy tickets for events at the Golden Gate Theater?

Immerse yourself in the diversity of life, discover new opportunities, communicate with like-minded people and expand your worldview - all this is possible thanks to the activities of the wonderful team of the Golden Gate Theater. Choose interesting events and book tickets at Concert.ua! It is always convenient and reliable.