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Rymma Zyubina

About the artist


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Rymma Zyubina is a Ukrainian theater and film actress, public figure, and TV presenter. In 2017, FOCUS magazine included the artist in the TOP-100 most influential women in the country!

In the creative work of Rymma Zyubina - more than 50 roles in the theater. Played about 90 roles in movies. In ordinary life, the actress is distinguished by a cheerful look and a good smile, which charges others with positivity and self-belief.

Rymma Zyubina is an actress whose even episodic roles are touching and impressive

Rymma Zyubina knew as a child that she would be an actress. The talented graduate with a "red" diploma from the Uzhhorod Cultural and Educational School was invited to work for three professional teams at once. However, the girl chose to study at the Kyiv State Institute of Culture. However, within a year a new proposal was received from the Transcarpathian Regional Theater - and Rymma accepted it.

Today in the creative history of the actress - cooperation with the Theater for Young Spectators, Drama and Comedy Theater on the left bank of the Dnieper, theaters 'Golden Gate', 'Constellation', 'Bravo' and other groups. On a volunteer basis, Rymma Zyubina plays in the relocated Luhansk Regional Theater.

The actress has many bright roles in performances:
  • 'Magic shoes'
  • 'Mermaid'
  • 'Miss'
  • 'Angelic Comedy'
  • 'Hedda Gabler'
  • 'Uncle Vanya'
  • 'East West'
Works with the participation of Rymma Zyubina were successfully presented at theater forums in Great Britain, Egypt, Poland and Ukraine.

No less colorful are the roles of the actress in the movie: Clara ('Three Perfect Spouses'), Lily ('Female Intuition'), Fanny Dubois ('Angel of the Eagles') and others. But one of the most significant for Rymma Zyubina was the role of Darina in the film 'Dove's Nest'. Shooting in the film brought the title of 'Best Actress'.

Energetic, cheerful, temperamental, silent - different

In the life and on the stage of Rymma Zyubina - equally real and sincere with the audience. Convinced that people need modern theater, the actress emphasizes the need to strive to convey to everyone what is hidden inside you. As for the stage images, of himself and his colleagues, he says, 'Today's actor should not be an actor in a role. It should be flexible, plasticine, with many boxes that open as needed'.

Where to buy tickets for events with the participation of Rymma Zyubina?

The poster of artistic events in which the unsurpassed Rymma Zyubina takes part is presented on the Concert.ua website. Here you can also order tickets - electronic or on letterheads.