Mala Opera: schedule and tickets

Malaya Opera in Kyiv is located on Dehtiarivska Str, 5.

The building of the Malaya Opera in Kyiv was built in 1902. Throughout its existence, various cultural and social organizations were located here. Since 2006, it has been used as a creative space for the embodiment of creative ideas in various directions:

  • Exhibitions;
  • film screenings;
  • filming;
  • performances;
  • concerts.

The technical capabilities and architecture of the concert hall of the Malaya Opera made it a unique place for bright performances in Kyiv. The large hydraulic transformer scene, the authentic architecture of the early 20th century, the stage, as well as modern sound and lighting equipment open up great opportunities for the realization of the most daring ideas.

The architecture of the Malaya Opera in Kyiv building inspires visitors with authenticity and scope, creates a mystical and romantic mood. Here, decor elements from different eras harmoniously intertwine, the heritage of the library, tea room, public theater from the past organically coexists with the creative realities of the present.

Malaya Opera has become a favorite venue for demonstrating the work of musicians, designers, artists and photographers. It hosts concerts and banquets, music shows and poetry evenings. The doors of the opera are open to creative individuals who bring original ideas to the masses.

In addition, the Malaya Opera in Kyiv is attractive for visitors with a comfortable location and internal arrangement of space. It is conveniently accessible by public and private transport. Visitors are invited to spend time waiting for the performance in a cozy bar or lobby. performances take place in a large hall upstairs or chamber space in the lower zone.

Want to get to the upcoming events at the Malaya Opera in Kyiv? Follow the theater poster on the website and buy tickets online and delivered by courier.

Kyiv, Dehtiarivska St, 5