Mezzanine, Events and tickets

Mezzanine is one of several clubs located on the territory of the already iconic weaving factory in Podil. The art space is located at ul. Nizhneyurkovskaya, 31.

The venue is a concert hall, and there are also lectures, film screenings, apartment houses and other events. The mezzanine is valued for a cozy, almost homely atmosphere, and a simple loft interior.

What pleases mezzanine

From the nearest metro station to them. Taras Shevchenko walk to Mezanin to get 10 minutes. The building is located next to Kontraktova Square and Lukyanovka.

The site consists of several objects:

  • main hall, which is suitable for meetings, discussions and lectures;
  • stage in the hall: artists, speakers perform here, and films and presentations can be projected on the screen;
  • in the warmer months, a summer terrace with views of the old Kiev hills is available in Mezanin. Great place to relax and have an informal conversation.


On average, Mezzanine hosts up to 5 events per week with a focus on weekends and concerts. site will help you stay in the rhythm of life of creative youth in Kiev - convenient navigation, the ability to immediately buy tickets for events in Mezanin. Visit one of the city’s favorite locations for creative relaxation!

Kyiv, 31, Nizhneurkovskaya str.

Closest events

Which the. Christmas tree 24 December 19:00, Tue Which the. Christmas tree Kyiv, Mezzanine from 8.33 EUR Which the. Christmas tree Don't wish 24 December Which the. Christmas tree Mezzanine Buy MIRELE 02 February 19:00, Sun MIRELE Kyiv, Mezzanine from 10 EUR MIRELE Don't wish 02 February MIRELE Mezzanine Buy VLNY 08 March 19:00, Sun VLNY Kyiv, Mezzanine from 10 EUR VLNY Don't wish 08 March VLNY Mezzanine Buy