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Киевский драматический театр "Браво"
Kyiv, ул. Олеся Гончара, 79


Киевский драматический театр "Браво" - photo №1 Київський драматичний театр "Браво"
Киевский драматический театр "Браво" - photo №2 Київський драматичний театр "Браво" афіша
Киевский драматический театр "Браво" - photo №3 Київський драматичний театр "Браво" квитки
Киевский драматический театр "Браво" - photo №4 Київський драматичний театр "Браво" на concert.ua

“Bravo” is the first private theater in Kyiv, founded by the honored Ukrainian actress Liubov Tytarenko. It is located at Olesia Honchara Str., 79.

The Bravo Theater in Kyiv is a private venue with a unique repertoire, the main theme of which was the relationship between men and women. Actors of one collective mainly perform here: Valerii Sivach, Olha Radchuk, Anatolii Suchanov and, of course, Liubov Tytarenko directly. Contracted actors also perform on stage.

On the poster of the Kyiv “Bravo” Theater, mainly comedy plays and performances by avant-garde playwrights and classics are presented:

  • "The price of love" M. Zadornov;
  • "Current Moths" by Marc Camoletti;
  • “Masculine, singular” by Jean-Jacques Bricher;
  • “I am crying” and “My wife goes to the Italian” N. Ptushkina;
  • "What the Butler Saw" by the famous English playwright Joe Orton.

In the “Bravo” Theater in Kyiv, you can see fresh and extraordinary interpretations of classical works, as well as bold and original plays that simply will not be censored in other theaters. The theater “promotes” a love of life and a positive attitude, showing the audience vivid and memorable productions.

The Kyiv “Bravo” Theater is famous not only for its interesting performances, but also for its extremely unusual surroundings. Here everything works for the atmosphere: laconic interior, friendly staff and an extremely original selection of interior decoration. In the theater building, before or after the performance, you can visit the local restaurant, whose menu has many exotic and traditional dishes.

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