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Central House of Artists
Kyiv, vulytsya Sichovykh Strilʹtsiv 1-5

The Artist’s House in Kiev is an old building in the city center, which hosts many cultural events for children and adults.

Located at: Lvovskaya square, Sichovykh Streltsov street, 15.

Painting exhibitions, concerts, dance and music contests, art projects, performances for the smallest and staging of the Black Square Theater-Studio - an auditorium with a capacity of 350 seats is perfect for cultural events of various subjects.

Want to have fun this weekend? See the poster of the Central House of Artists in Kiev on the website Concert.ua. In a convenient format, all the necessary information is presented here: the name of the events, the date and time, the cost and a brief description of each program.

When going to a play, you should be aware: this is not a modern technological cluster that is amazing. But an impressive architectural structure with history, good acoustics and an overview of the stage. The situation is conducive to pleasant meetings with art in its most diverse manifestations.

See you at the events in the Kiev House of Artists!