About the artist

DakhaBrakha is one of the most famous Ukrainian groups in the world in the genre of ethno-chaos. The authentic quartet was founded by Vladislav Troitsky, the director of the avant-garde theater “Dakh”.

Unusual DakhaBraha MUSIC

DakhaBrakha skillfully combine folklore Ukrainian melodies with various musical instruments. Flute, piano, bass drums, cello, djembe, accordion, harmonica ... And dozens of magic instruments from different parts of the world!

The soundtrack to the David Beckham commercial and TV show "Fargo", performances at top festivals of the planet, participation in the main Britain music show, live on KEXP and NPR radio... This success was preceded by the birth of incredible tracks with which the band actually conquers the music world.

DAKHABRAKHA Live performances

Their live performances are exist at the junction of a music show and theater. Uncompromising vocal range, special effects and incredible images - all together it turns into an explosive mixture, which generates ethno-chaos.

We recommend to hear and see it live!

More than 300 shows in Europe, Asia, Australia and America! DakhaBrakha is also a member of the of the biggest european festivals: Glastonbury, Roskilde, Bonnaroo, Womad, Sziget.

Оn December 6, 2019 a large-scale show will take place at the Kyiv Sports Palace!

Do you want to feel the musical power of DakhaBrakha in the capital or in your city? Follow the announcements! Tickets should be purchased in advance, sold-out is a common thing.

The sooner, the greater the choice of seats in the concert hall and the more pleasant the price.

See you at the concerts of DakhaBrakha!